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Why Felicia Supports the NCT

  When Felicia moved to Michigan to be closer to her soon-to-be husband, she desired a way to connect to her new community. Felicia also struggles with a lot of anxiety and depression, and hiking provides a healthy outlet to care for her mental health. She began exploring trails in her new town and noticed […]

Anandhi Chandran: Hike 100 Finisher

  “It became more about the journey than the destination going solo. I have to say, as much as I enjoy the company of others while backpacking, solo hiking connects you more with nature; you hear more, you see more, and you feel more.” In the summer of 2020, Anandhi Chandran of Farmington Hills, Michigan, […]

SEEDS: Partnership Spotlight

  “We believe that maintaining access to public lands through trail maintenance and development is critical to supporting individual and community health,” wrote Jennifer Flynn, EcoCorps Program Director with SEEDS Ecology & Education Centers. SEEDS work on the North Country Trail in Michigan has been paired with other public lands projects. For example, according to […]