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2022 Leadership Awards

Leadership Award recipients are volunteers who have demonstrated exceptional leadership over a three-year period or more leading to significant local achievements or highly successful events. Eric Campbell has provided excellent leadership for the Kekekabic Trail Chapter (Minn.) for over three years, following its reorganization from the former Kekekabic Trail Club. He has brought new enthusiasm to […]

2022 Trail Builder + Trail Maintainer Awards

  Trail Builder Award recipients are volunteers whose work in trail planning, landowner negotiations, layout and design, and/or construction, have resulted in the development of outstanding new Trail or facilities over a three-year period or more. Jim Howell. Jim accepted the position of Vice President for the NCTA Jordan Valley 45° Chapter (Mich.) in 2019. […]

2022 Friend of the Trail Awards

  Friend of the Trail Award recipients are employees of units of governance or organizations whose leadership, accommodations, and active collaboration have substantially benefited the North Country National Scenic Trail or the North Country Trail Association, not working solely in the capacity of an NCTA member. Tammy Cefalu, USFS, Superior National Forest. Tammy has provided […]