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2023 Volunteer Awards: Outreach

Ruth Dorrough Ruth has a long history of serving the NCTA and promoting the NCNST. In 2016, she and her husband Dan completed hiking the entirety of the NCNST, spreading word along the way about the Trail and its volunteers. She was an NCTA Board Member and served as Board President. For the past five […]

2023 Volunteer Awards: Communicator

Andrew Kovatch At his day job in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Andrew provides digital advertising solutions for local, regional, and national brands. He combines this skill and knowledge with his enthusiasm for the NCNST and his trail community by dedicating his personal time to the NCTA Marketing Committee. In 2023, he generously (and voluntarily) managed the […]

2023 Volunteer Awards: Sweep

  Nicole Halgrimson Nicole is a dedicated and enthusiastic volunteer with the NCTA Kekekabic Trail Chapter and the Superior Hiking Trail Association (SHTA) in Minnesota. On the surface, she’s been a section and campsite adopter for more than a decade, but regularly serves as a thoughtful partner and supporter. She is active on the Kekekabic […]