North Country Trail Association

Report Volunteer Hours

Thank you for volunteering your time to the North Country National Scenic Trail!

Reporting your hours allows the North Country Trail Association (NCTA) and the National Park Service (NPS) to recognize your valuable contributions and report the value of your efforts. When you report hours, you are eligible to receive recognition items for hours of service, such as a water bottle, personalized clothing, and the America the Beautiful volunteer pass. Not only do your reported hours show your impact, but the statistics help acquire funding to support the Volunteer-In-Parks program, the Trail, NCTA Chapters, Affiliate organizations, and volunteers.

Please submit all your hours by September 30 each year. You may also utilize printable hour logs (available below) for personal tracking or to mail in. If you volunteered on the North Country National Scenic Trail with an Affiliate organization (not the NCTA), please check with that organization about reporting volunteer hours before you submit this form.

Volunteer Service Categories and Descriptions
Category Description
Administrative Service Attending or participating in meetings, preparing materials, photo documentation of projects and activities, planning, and general administrative office tasks.
General Resources Service Land protection (acquisition) tasks for the NCNST.
Natural Resources Service Identification, management, and protection of natural resources, including exotic species removal with NPS staff.
Interpretation and Outreach Service Leading guided hikes, talk, and tours; promoting the NCNST and educating the public; preparing and producing maps and trail guides; distributing brochures; and developing exhibits or wayside displays.
Maintenance and Construction Service Design, layout, construction, and maintenance or trail tread, its immediate environment, and related support facilities and structures; and GIS/GPS mapping activities.
Training Attending training related to trail construction or maintenance, safety (e.g. sawyer, First Aid, CPR), equipment operation, and participation in workshops.
Travel for Service Time spent traveling to/from NCNST volunteer efforts. These are recorded both from your home to the project site and vice versa.
Advocacy Service Advocating for legislation impacting the NCNST, meeting with elected official on behalf of the Trail, and lobbying for funding.
When the form has been completed properly, you will be redirected to a confirmation page. If upon submission you are brought back to this same page, please check your form for missing information.

Photo by Shelby Gangloff