North Country Trail Association

Hike 100 Challenge

Welcome to the North Country Trail Association’s Hike 100 Challenge.

The Hike 100 Challenge is a program designed to help you meet your goals. Maybe you want to explore the outdoors more, spend time with your family, make new trail friends, find solitude, try backpacking, or see how far you can wander. Whatever your goals are, the Hike 100 Challenge is the motivation you need.

The main rule is to complete your 100 miles on the North Country National Scenic Trail within the calendar year. Fortunately there are 4,800 miles to choose from! Visit the same one mile 100 times over or explore 100 unique miles. Hike, walk, backpack, snowshoe, or cross-country ski. Make the journey yours.

We offer plenty of resources to help you succeed: Free maps, Chapter group hike experiences, mileage logs, and much more – including amazing support from fellow NCNST users through the NCT Community Facebook group.


Where can I hike to earn my Hike 100 Challenge miles?
As long as you’re hiking on the North Country National Scenic Trail pathway, you’re earning mileage toward your Challenge. Spur trails do not count, but be aware the NCNST shares some pathway with other trails of different names, such as the Finger Lakes Trail in New York, the Superior Hiking Trail in Minnesota, or local level trails through townships, boroughs, or parks. Double check your route on our online interactive map.
How much time do I have?
The Hike 100 Challenge spans from January 1 until December 31 of each year.
How do I log my miles?
In whatever way works best for you! The NCTA does not need to see your mileage log at any point during your Challenge, even when you finish. Logging your miles is strictly a personal preference. If you sign up for the Hike 100 Challenge though, you will receive an email with a link to a Hike 100 toolkit, containing a mileage log for you to print if you’d like.
Do my 100 miles have to be unique?
No way! We want this to be an accessible a challenge as possible. Hike the same mile 100 times over if you’d like. Skiing and snowshoeing count, too! As long as your miles are “on foot” they count towards the challenge!
What does the 2024 patch look like?
Do I have to sign up to receive the patch and certificate?
No, but you will miss out on the mileage tracking toolkit, exclusive communications, and more. To receive the patch and certificate, you must fill out the Completion Form.
Can children earn patches?
Absolutely! There is no age restriction on Hike 100. Every family member can earn one. If kids have their own email address, they can sign up too to receive exclusive resources, but otherwise don’t worry about signing them up. When they complete the Challenge though, do fill out an individual completion form for them.
Can pets earn patches?
We offer collar tags for our furry finishers. They do not include a year but you could engrave a new one annually. Pets don’t need to be signed up for the Challenge, but when you (the human) complete it, simply indicate the amount of finisher pets on your completion form, and we’ll be sure to send along the collar tag(s) with your patch.
Can I get more patches if I hike 100+ miles?
You impress us with your overachieving spirit, but we limit patches to one per person per year. If you’re interested in earning recognition for hiking more than 100 miles please visit the North Country Trail Long Distance Hikers Club website.
What should I do if I lose my patch or if it doesn't arrives in the mail?
Contact Alison Sanchez at for a replacement. Please do not fill out another completion form. Allow up to six weeks for processing and delivery.
How can I help promote the program?
Tell all your friends to sign up at! Share your adventures with us on social media using the tags @northcountrytrail and #hike100nct. You could also print and distribute flyers and posters locally.

The NCTA is able to ship patches to U.S. addresses only. If you are an international participant/finisher, we recommend you have stateside family or friends claim your patch, and then coordinate mailing it on to you.


Header photo by Nick Meekhof