North Country Trail Association

Hike 100 Challenge

For five consecutive years, thousands of North Country Trail users have signed up for and completed the annual Hike 100 Challenge. Each year this free challenge renews but the rules remain the same: Hike any 100 miles on the North Country National Scenic Trail between January 1 and December 31.


Join the Challenge. Revisit the same mile 100 times or explore 100 unique miles. Log your mileage over weeks or months, or during one big adventure. Walk, snowshoe, run, ski, day hike or backpack. Once you have logged those 100 miles, share your adventure with us: You will earn a commemorative patch and certificate of completion. A new patch design is released each year so you can earn a fresh badge of accomplishment annually!

Joining the Hike 100 Challenge earns you access to exclusive resources and eligibility for monthly giveaways. We also love to hear about your adventure through social media. Tag @northcountrytrail on Facebook and Instagram, and use the hashtags #hike100nct and #northcountrytrail so we are sure to see them. You might even see your photos and stories featured on our website, social media channels, e-newsletters, or marketing materials!



Do my 100 miles have to be unique?
No way! We want this to be an accessible a challenge as possible. Hike the same mile 100 times over if you’d like. Skiing and snowshoeing count, too!
What does the 2020 patch look like?
Can I get more patches if I hike 100+ miles?
You impress us with your overachieving spirit, but we limit patches to one per person per year. If you’re interested in earning recognition for hiking more than 100 miles please visit the North Country Trail Long Distance Hikers Club website.
Do I have to sign up to receive the patch and certificate?
No, but you will miss out on exclusive resources and monthly giveaways. To receive the patch and certificate, you must fill out the Completion Form.
Can children earn patches?
Absolutely! There is no age restriction on Hike 100. Every family member can earn one.
Can pets earn patches?
We offer collar tags for our furry finishers. They do not include a year but you could engrave a new one annually.
How can I help promote the program?
Tell all your friends to sign up at! You could also distribute these flyers or handouts anywhere, any time.



The North Country Trail Association would like to recognize and thank the following organizations for their contributions and support of the 2020 Hike 100 Challenge:

  • REI
  • Bill & Paul’s Sporthaus
  • Woosah Outfitters



Header photo by Abbey Holden