North Country Trail Association

Trail Maps and Downloads

Download a Printable Map

These maps are PDF files, designed to be printed on a home printer or at a local print shop. They are available by sub-state regional series. Trail relocations and improvements alter map data, specifically the half-mile waypoints shift. Because updates can occur often, please cross reference the dates on your printed maps with dates on this web page before you explore the Trail, to assure you have the most updated data on hand.

See the NCT Change Log for a detailed listing of recent updates.

We provide these downloadable maps for free so everyone can get outside and explore the North Country Trail. To keep them free, the Trail in good condition for you, and protected for future generations, it’s critical that we build a strong community to support our work. If you share our vision, please consider a donation to the North Country Trail Association.

Header photo by Amelia Rhodes

Mobile Maps, Avenza App

Our maps are available on the Avenza app for iOS and Android. Use the links below to download map sets directly onto your phone. You do not need a paid subscription to the Avenza app while downloading from this page. Learn more about Avenza today.

Access Map Data

Have a GPS receiver or phone app? Download free GPX files here and add them to your device.