North Country Trail Association

Trail Maps and Downloads

Printable Maps

Download free maps for the North Country National Scenic Trail. These are PDF files. Print them at home or a local shop, or view them from your mobile device. All pages within the PDFs are organized from west to east. Find navigational resources for the Superior Hiking Trail section at, for the Buckeye Trail section at, and for the Finger Lakes Trail section at

Trail reroutes and improvements alter map data, specifically the half-mile waypoints. Please cross reference the dates on your printed maps with dates on this webpage to ensure you have the most recent data.

Hike It. Build It. Love It. Support It. Please support the NCTA GIS Program by making a gift today, and enjoy your complimentary North Country National Scenic Trail map downloads.


Our maps are available on the FarOut and Avenza apps, for both iOS and Android. The Avenza maps are free. The FarOut maps are not free, but the NCTA receives a portion of the sales. The Superior Hiking Trail and Finger Lakes Trail sections of the NCNST are not yet included in the FarOut Guides, but both organizations that build and maintain these sections of trail offer top-notch navigational resources for the public.