New York



Western border of the Adirondack Park to the New York/Vermont state line.

The North Country Trail here passes through the famed, 6-million acre Adirondack Park. The Trail crosses eight units through the park, each classified as Wild Forest or Wilderness, as well as several easement lands. As the Trail crosses approximately 158 miles of the Central Adirondacks, it offers mountains, spectacular vistas, and remote areas of dense forests rich with many lakes, bogs and cascading streams. Road connectors fill the gaps where trail sections are yet to be built.


Header photo by Mary Coffin

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Need to Know

Navigating the mostly undeveloped route of the NCT in the Adirondack Park will require special planning preparations.

Currently, the NatGeo maps provide the most complete picture of the surrounding landscape and backpacking infrastructure, which is required for navigating the NCT in this area. Marking a route on the NatGeo maps would be best informed via the Section-by-Section guide on the ADK-Onondaga website and the NCTA's online map. Once a route itinerary has been built, custom maps could be made on apps like CalTopo or GaiaGPS though carrying the physical NatGeo maps as a backup and reference is recommended.