North Dakota

Southeastern North Dakota


North Dakota/Minnesota state line to the north end of Lake Ashtabula.

The Trail enters North Dakota at Fort Abercrombie State Historic Site. The Trail follows a mix of road walk and off-road sections, with terrain being fairly flat. After passing through the town of Walcott, the landscape changes: Grasslands, cows, fences and stiles, as the route passes through the Ekre Grassland Preserve and Sheyenne National Grassland. This section is one of the most unique hiking experiences along the North Country Trail. Follow the route of the Sheyenne River to the Sheyenne State Forest, Fort Ransom State Park, Valley City, and Lake Ashtabula Recreation Area.

Header photo by Dove Day

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191 miles (111 off-road, 79 on-road)

Need to Know

This area experiences extreme winter weather and offers limited shelter options. Camping is available at designated sites along the Trail and in some towns. Some sections feature fence stiles that require climbing over.