Eastern Wisconsin


Sandstone Ledges Spur Trail in Copper Falls State Park to the Wisconsin/Michigan state line.

Characterized as “the land of waterfalls and rock outcrops,” this section of Trail falls within a less developed part of the state – it feels somewhat more wild. Encounter many rocky outcrops passing through portions of the ancient, worn down Penokee Mountain Range. These outcrops offer expansive vistas where the Trail passes over the top or skirts their bases, and give trailside interest in the form of a wall of lichens, mosses and small ferns.

Header photo by Todd McMahon

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Need to Know

Currently only a road walk exists from the state border to near Upson Lake. This is changing annually as more trail is constructed. Stock up on water at the state line (Montreal River) as obtaining filterable water near the first 13.5 miles of the road walk may be difficult, though numerous permanent streams are present. Low impact camping on the Iron County Forest is permitted and backpacker campsites exist along the Potato River, within the new segment between Sullivan Road and the Upson Junction (Tilted Gabbro Campsite); about 1 mile west of Casey Sag Road (Gold Mine West Campsite) and at Wren Falls.

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