Green Mountain National Forest


Boundary of the Green Mountain National Forest to the NCT Eastern Terminus at Maine Junction

The North Country Trail route was officially extended into Vermont in 2019. The recent coronavirus pandemic delayed efforts to determine an exact on-the-ground route in Vermont, particularly in the Green Mountain National Forest. For these reasons the NCT’s Vermont route remains in the planning phase as local and regional stakeholders collaborate with the National Park Service and NCTA to build, promote, and protect the NCT’s far eastern end. Based on preliminary planning work done by the NPS, the NCT will likely be co-aligned with Vermont’s Long Trail in the Green Mountain National Forest for a yet-to-be-determined distance before terminating at Maine Junction where the Long Trail and Appalachian Trail currently diverge.

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Header photo by Kevin Russell

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Long Trail Maps

Digital maps of the Long Trail can be bought via the Green Mountain Club’s website.

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