North Country Trail Association


Showcase the North Country National Scenic Trail and inspire stewardship.

Use these resources and guidance for your outreach efforts to promote the trail, the Association, and your trail community. A variety of materials are available to volunteers for their outreach efforts, including brochures, NCTA Chapter business cards, stickers, event banners, and more.

      1. Browse the NCTA Outreach + Educational Materials Catalog to view items that are currently offered by the NCTA. Any costs detailed in this catalog will be deducted from the Chapter’s NCTA account, unless otherwise specified or requested. If the materials you’re seeking are not listed in the catalog, contact the Marketing and Communications Coordinator. If custom materials are to be produced, please reference the NCTA Brand Standards + Style Guide during the design process.
      2. Request your materials using the Outreach + Educational Materials Request Form.

For additional guidance, please contact the Marketing and Communications Coordinator. Remember to submit your events to the public and searchable NCTA Events Calendar, too! This calendar is featured in most NCTA email communications and often on NCTA social media channels, reaching tens of thousands of trail enthusiasts.


Inquiries about official signage for the North Country National Scenic Trail, such as navigational markers or wayside panels, should be directed to the Regional Trail Coordinator of your state. Official guidance can be found in the Sign Standards section of the North Country Trail Handbook.

The North Country Trail Brand

Maintaining brand consistency ensures that the North Country National Scenic Trail (NCNST) and the North Country Trail Association (NCTA) are quickly, easily, and professionally recognized, and thus, remembered. The NCTA Brand Standards + Style Guide is an annually reviewed reference document containing guidance on the use of logos and marks, colors, typography, and more.

Use of NCTA logos and marks is reserved specifically for promoting the NCNST and requires approval from NCTA staff. These logos and marks may not be used outside of the NCTA for financial profit. The North Country National Scenic Trail (NCNST) emblem is for official use only. It is not to be used as an alternative to the NCTA logo. The National Park Service (NPS) has specific licensing regulations that require contracts/agreements to use and/or sell items that contain their images. Currently, the NCNST only allows the NCTA to create and sell products with official emblems and branding.

Header photo by Jenny Anderson