Insert Cliché Rocket Scientist Comment

So…it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that autumn is a great time to be out on the NCT.

But it’s still cool when one tells ya so!

Here’s a recent note of thanks I received from feller whose day time gig is at NASA –


Thank you for the information and the map you provided to me for my long weekend in Michigan. I spent a lot of my time in the North Country Scenic Trail area, hiking , kayaking, checking lighthouses and generally taking in autumn. I will definitely return to this area as I just barely scratched the surface. Memories were recorded via many photographs and I had a great time; people I’ve shared the photos with are amazed with the depth and variety of colors the trees provided. It was hard for me to get on that plane Tuesday evening and return to Houston. I’ve included a cool picture for you as a small token of my thanks for responding to my email request.

All the best to you


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