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My NCT 2021-22

In this second year of the program, the NCTA is honored to collaborate with Minnesota painter and beader Leah Yellowbird.

“I’m Anishinaabe, Ojibwe, Algonquin, and Métis,” explained Leah. “What I do in the style I paint is nature, or my interpretation of nature, or the Ojibwe interpretation of nature. I wanted to do a butterfly because to me, it’s just floating around – it’s beautiful; it’s here, it’s there, that’s the Trail.”

Limited edition gifts featuring Leah’s artwork are available this September only during the My NCT 2021 Membership Drive: Join or renew your membership between September 1-30, 2021 to receive limited edition gifts (while supplies last). Those who join or renew at the Individual or Family level ($40-$99) will receive a limited edition sticker. Join or renew at the Trail Scout level or above ($100+) to receive the sticker, plus the Buff and planner. Learn more about the membership levels at

Consider helping us meet a membership challenge by joining or renewing on September 25 for North Country National Scenic Trail Day and National Public Lands Day.

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Each North Country Trail state is represented via the eight different flowers within the butterfly: Wild prairie rose (ND), lady slipper (MN), wood violet (WI), apple blossom (MI), white trillium (OH), mountain laurel (PA), rose (NY), and red clover (VT).
“I decided to really take a look at the full Trail online, just the line of it. It’s so weavy and wobbly. I decided I’d do the inside of the wings of the butterfly that exact trail.” (Leah Yellowbird)
Leah uses a technique called pointillism: This entire image consists of thousands of individual paint dots. “Because I’m a beader, I want to bead with the tiniest, smallest beads so I can get the most detail. So when I paint, I do exactly the same thing.” (Leah Yellowbird)


These limited edition gifts available until Fall 2022 while supplies last. Become a part of the North Country Trail Community or renew your membership. Memberships support the NCTA mission and include additional benefits, such as a subscription to the quarterly North Star magazine, a 10% discount to the Trail Shop, timely news about the Trail, and a powerful voice as we fight to protect the Trail. Please allow 2-3 weeks for processing and shipping.

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What’s Your NCT?

My NCT 2020-21

Few things evoke emotion in the same way that spending time on the North Country Trail (NCT) does, and that making a connection with a work of art does. The North Country Trail Association launched the My NCT program in 2020 as a means to bring art and nature together in the telling of our story, and the connection our Trail Community has with it.

“We have been talking for years about the need for a more graphic representation of the Trail,” explained Andrea Ketchmark, NCTA Executive Director. “An artist’s take on what makes each state along the North Country Trail special and tying that all together in one beautiful image.”

The My NCT program incorporates the promotion of the North Country National Scenic Trail and the NCTA through an artist’s visual interpretation of it. The piece selected is displayed through the NCTA for 16 months before it is retired.

What happens when the Association and a woodblock print maker team up? The result is a one of a kind design that proudly tells the “This is My NCT” story and for a limited time, we are making it available to you.

West Michigan artist Erica Lang has captured the spirit of the North Country Trail through her own unique way of storytelling. Erica and her Woosah brand have created a one-of-a-kind woodblock printmaking design made specifically for NCTA.

Header image by Anandhi Chandran