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MN-84 to Highway 6, northeast of Remer

The Star of the North Chapter is the original Chapter formed in Minnesota. When new trail is built in an area which has no Chapter, it will become the responsibility of the Star of the North Chapter to maintain it. Some Chapter members drive over five hours to work on the Trail and can be found working on the Trail in other states. We would love to have you join us. Connect with us!

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Chapter Trail Section

The Star of the North is responsible for approximately 30 miles of the Trail from CR-125 west of Highway 84 to CR-6 northeast of Remer. The Trail passes through a mix of forest with numerous wetlands and beaver ponds. The Trail is hillier to the east with more rolling hills to the west. Most notable is the Milton Esker northeast of Remer. The town of Remer has several events during the summer including Big Foot Days and the Harvest Festival that are fun to attend.

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Use the Report Trail Condition form to alert NCTA and the Chapter to poor trail conditions. Visit the Trail Alerts page while planning your adventure.

Suggested Hikes

Milton Esker: 2.1 miles. A popular hike starting at Upper Milton Lake. Leaving the parking lot, the Trail quickly climbs to the top of the esker where it remains for 1,732 feet. There is a small campsite near the beginning of the hike and you’ll get views through the trees on top of the ridge to either side where you’ll sometimes see small ponds. Hike 2.1 miles to parking at FR-2321.

Soo Line: 3 miles. The Soo Line is an old railroad line that has been converted to an ATV trail but it’s wide enough for you to drive a car on. The Trail travels through forest passing past a large wetlands area with a small beaver pond that has created a problem with the Trail. Puncheon has been created in one spot with a removable section that allows the beavers to travel to the wetlands. (Hopefully they’ll leave the puncheon alone!) There is also a large flat area with a campsite above one of the ponds. Hike 3 miles from the Soo Line ATV trail to FR-2117.

Wetland Wonder: 6.2 miles, easy. Hike from Highway 200 to Highway 84. This trail starts just west of the Boy River, which is good for canoeing. The beginning stretch travels through mixed forest but you’ll soon start seeing ponds, wetlands and bogs. There is one campsite on this route.

Chapter Maps and Guidance

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Additional Local Resources

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