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Zoar, Ohio to the Lawrence/Butler county line east of McConnells Mill State Park, Pennsylvania

Wampum Chapter volunteers meet on a regular basis all year round for trail building and maintenance sessions, organized hikes, and community outreach events. We also gather several times a year at various locations along the Trail and in our local communities for hot dog roasts, potluck dinners, and other social events that don’t involve a hike or doing any work – just having some North Country Trail fellowship. As of 2022, our Chapter planning meetings will be held on a quarterly basis or as needed. Chapter business meetings are on the third Monday of each month, always at 6:30 p.m. (ET), and the location will alternate monthly between Lisbon, Ohio and Wampum, Pennsylvania. (Lisbon in January, Wampum in February, Lisbon in March, Wampum in April, etc.)

We would love to have like-minded individuals join us in our mission to build, maintain, protect and promote the North Country National Scenic Trail in Western Pennsylvania and Eastern Ohio. Contact the Chapter via email or follow the Chapter on social media to join up with our diverse group of volunteers.

The North Country Trail Association Wampum Chapter values just, diverse, equitable, and inclusive trail experiences. We are committed to these principles for everyone’s enjoyment of the North Country National Scenic Trail. We strive to better include those who experience barriers to trails by prioritizing equitable solutions to ensure all can connect to and care for the Trail in a way that is meaningful for them.

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Chapter Trail Section

The Wampum Chapter of the North Country Trail Association is responsible for building, maintaining, protecting, and promoting the North Country Trail from its connection with the Buckeye Trail in the historic village of Zoar, Ohio to Alpha Pass at McConnells Mill State Park in Pennsylvania. The Chapter currently has 43 miles of off-road hiking trail and 80 miles of temporary connector road walk. The Trail traces eastward generally following the path of the stone locks of the Sandy and Beaver Canal, passing through the small communities of Magnolia, Malvern, Hanoverton and Lisbon. Crossing the OH/PA state line following the watershed of Little Beaver Creek, the NCT visits the Sheepskin Hollow Nature Preserve and Beaver Creek State Park with its Pioneer Village and historic gristmill. The Wampum Chapter’s North Country Trail miles showcase the agricultural and industrial past and present of Western PA, traveling past abandoned coal and limestone mines and family homesteads, the remnants of the infrastructure that once made this area the "brick capital of the USA," through Pennsylvania Game Lands, and past working farms and small factories and businesses. Our eastern most section of NCT at McConnells Mill State Park travels through the spectacular Slippery Rock Creek Gorge. Created by the draining of glacial lakes thousands of years ago, the gorge has steep sides and the valley floor is littered with huge boulders and is a national natural landmark. A gristmill built in the 1800's is open for tours.

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Use the Report Trail Condition form to alert NCTA and the Chapter to poor trail conditions. Visit the Trail Alerts page while planning your adventure.

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NCT mileage in McConnells Mill and Moraine State Parks