Thru-Hiker Completion Party: Joan Young


June 18, 2023    
2:00 pm - 8:00 pm


Timber Creek Campground
Highway 10, Branch Township, Michigan, 49402

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NCTA Spirit of the Woods Chapter member Joan Young will be finishing her second hike of the entire North Country National Scenic Trail at the Timber Creek Trailhead on Sunday, June 18 at about 2:00 p.m. (Note this is Father’s Day!) There are several options to celebrate with her, you can choose any or all:

  1. Hike the last miles with her from the Centerline Trailhead.
  2. Meet Joan at Timber Creek trailhead when she finishes.
  3. Meet for a BBQ pork and potluck gathering at the home of Barb and Scott Myckowiak, which is near Irons, Mich. (they live very near the Vince Smith Bridge), approximately 20 minutes from Timber Creek.

  1. Hike the last miles with Joan from Centerline Trailhead: As Joan posted in her blog on April 27, here are the tentative plans if you would like to hike with her. “On June 18 (a Sunday), in the early afternoon, I will hike the final miles into Timber Creek (where US 10 crosses the trail at Michigan mile 854.3). Anyone who wants to hike the final miles with me is welcome to do so, but the issue is going to be parking. If I hike from Centerline Road (6 miles), that’s a nice hiking distance, but there is almost nowhere to park on that road. If I hike from 8th Street (3 miles), there is a lot more parking, but the distance is short and the road can be marginal. Perhaps some people will park at Timber Creek and hike out to 8th St to meet me and turn around to walk back with me. Or perhaps groups can carpool from Timber Creek to 8th St.”Addendum for those planning to hike with Joan, “People can hike either from Centerline (departure time 11:30) or from 8th St (estimated time of crossing at 12:45). There is limited parking on Centerline at a pull-through “deer camp” just east of the trail crossing. There is more parking on 8th St, but the road to reach that location is rougher.” (Note: Accessing 8th St. from Mac Road to the east of the NCT trailhead is a better road.) Joan plans to be at Timber Creek trailhead for her finish at 2 pm. If you are wanting to hike the final miles with Joan it would be good to contact her so she can keep you in the detail loop. That would also give Joan an idea of how many cars are going to be involved. If you would like to hike with Joan, please email her at so that she can keep you updated and where you would like to join her. Since parking is limited, carpooling would be a good idea.
  2. Many of us will meet at Timber Creek to see her arrive and celebrate her finish.
  3. We are also hosting a BBQ pork and potluck dinner to honor her accomplishment. Meet at Scott and Barb Myckowiak’s: 4570 Anderson Road, Irons, MI 49644. (Note the recommended route is via Hamilton Road. The alternatives aren’t paved.) Please RSVP for the approximate number of people at the dinner: by June 9 or call 231-510-1983. We also ask that you bring potluck accompaniments such as salads, desserts, side dishes. However; if you can’t RSVP, but find yourself free to join us, please do so.

We also may need a few volunteers on the day of the celebration. Please let me know if you can help: