Trek The Trail NCT Hiking Challenge


November 28, 2023    
12:30 am - 11:30 pm

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Spirit of the Woods Chapter has a hiking challenge on Giving Tuesday, November 28 and YOU can help by hiking. Joan Young is coordinating this challenge for our chapter.

November 28 is Giving Tuesday, and NCTA is challenging us to trek the trail in 24 hours. Your generosity can help us hike the whole 4,800 miles, and on Giving Tuesday only, all donations and memberships will be matched up to the first $30,000. Thankfully, “we” only have to hike our 80 miles, split into 15 segments.

These hikes can be done any time from midnight Nov 27 to midnight Nov 28.
They can be hiked in either direction, alone or with friends.

Contact Joan Young at to sign up for a segment or two.

We’d also like a few people willing to be “floaters” who would take up the slack and hike any given segment at the last minute if someone can’t make it.

Report back to Joan that you’ve hiked your section, or contact her as soon as possible if you realize you have to change your plans.

It is recommended that the 7.7 miles from Hodenpyl to Upper River Road be combined as access at Sheep Ranch Rd may be difficult.

Since this is on Giving Tuesday, some people might like to take pledges or make donations for their miles, but this is NOT required.

Hodenpyl to Sheep Ranch Rd: 4 miles
Sheep Ranch Rd to Upper River Rd: 3.7 miles (plus spur to parking)
Upper River Rd to Sawdust Hole: 6.8 miles (plus spur to parking)
Sawdust Hole to Highbridge Access (at the river): 5.1 miles
Highbridge Access to Huff Rd: 4.4 miles
Huff Rd to 9 Mile Bridge: 8 miles
9 Mile Bridge to Tyndall Rd: 5.6 miles
Tyndall Rd to 5 Mile Rd (west end of roadwalk): 6.7 miles
5 Mile Rd (west end of roadwalk) to 3 Mile Rd: 5.8 miles
3 Mile Rd to Centerline Rd: 3.4 miles
Centerline Rd to Timber Creek (US 10): 5.7 miles
Timber Creek to 40th St parking (east end of roadwalk): 5.3 miles
40th St parking (east end of roadwalk) to Mac Rd: 3.8 miles
Mac Rd to 76th St: 5.1 miles
76th St to 96th St: 4.3 miles

Note: This is firearm deer season so it is best to hike with bright colors, blaze orange preferred, and it is recommended to NOT hike in the early morning or late afternoon, times when hunters will be more likely to be hunting. Please keep dogs on a leash.