NCT Volunteer Adventure in Pennsylvania

Hello Volunteer Adventurers and Friends,
Our second annual North Country Trail Volunteer Adventure in Pennsylvania has come to an end and was successful thanks in part to you. Down in Slippery Rock Gorge, just south of Eckert Bridge in McConnell’s Mill State Park, I counted over 45 stone steps, a retaining wall, and a three ton stone bench installed, among many other small and arduous trail improvements up and down the way by 13 Adventurers over 5 days.

As far as I could tell everyone had fun, and worked hard, a lot of time was spent using the Griphoist to lift the boulders out of the ground and lay them in place, and everyone went home with all of their fingers. In fact, so much fun was had that when we took a vote on what we wanted to do on our recreation day, folks chose to move more boulders. Two years in a row may be enough to make a tradition, I would say the tradition of the PA VA is definitely lots of desert handy, especially brownies…. I am already looking forward to next years VA in PA!!

Check out this slideshow to see a load of pictures and videos from my camera and Keith Klos’s, if you have others you’d like to share send them along and I’ll forward them out:

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