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New Open Data Portal Tutorial

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GPS units are a great tool for helping us navigate the North Country Trail. Did you know that a lot of GPS units allow you to load additional geographic data onto them, for example, our trail line? The NCTA maintains an extensive set of trail information which is updated regularly. We now have a great tool that allows you to take our mapping information and put it on your GPS unit to help you to navigate on your next hike!

The video tutorial below explains how to use the Open Data Portal Tool to filter and download a section of trail data with a step-by-step guide to convert the data into a format your GPS receiver can use. We think you’ll find this new tool quite helpful!

Open Data Portal Tutorial from North Country Trail on Vimeo.

For a direct link to the Open Data Portal visit

Within the video we mention using the free Minnesota DNR GPS app which you can find here.

For written-out step-by-step directions download this PDF here:

An Intro to Using the Interactive Mapping Tool – ArcGIS Online

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A tutorial for using the interactive online mapping tool ArcGIS

With 4,600 miles to explore, the North Country Trail has something for everyone.

Love waterfalls? We’ve got those. Pine forests? Plenty. Rivers and lakes? Definitely. Gradual elevations and sweeping views? Absolutely. The North Country Trail wanders through a diverse geographical offering. You could almost say every mile offers a new experience.

The questions we get often are – Where should I begin? How do I find the trail?

We’ve developed this ArcGIS Online video tutorial to help you find your adventure. This online interactive mapping tool is an incredible resource when researching your hike and planning your trip. It will help you discover new areas of the trail, and give a great overview for route planning. Combine this tool with our books, printed maps, and your GPS for planning and navigating your trip. Remember to plan ahead and prepare, bring the proper navigational tools (map and compass) and that trail conditional and the consistency of blazed and signage vary from location to location.

A tutorial for using the interactive online mapping tool (ArcGIS Online) to plan your hike on the North Country Trail:

Try ArcGIs for yourself here.

Introduction to NCTA’s Online Mapping Tool – ArcGIS Online from North Country Trail on Vimeo.

In the future, we will be developing even more tutorials to help you navigate the trail using our online resources. Let us know in the comments what you’d like us to cover!