Trail Alert: Ontonagon County near Victoria Dam

From Kathy Lowery: My friend and I hiked the North Country trail from Victoria Dam to US45 last Thursday, August, 2012. When we reached the 2.6 mile portion left between County Road 733 and US45 we found it nearly impossible to navigate. A large storm had come through and many mature trees were brought down over the trail. Someone had been through with blue tape to help mark the trail, but we still found it very challenging to find our way. We also had to go over, under, through and around many large limbs and branches.

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  1. Bill Andrus December 1, 2012 at 11:15 am #

    Topic: Trail Maintainance in Stannard Township, Ontonagon County, MI.
    I am interested in leading a trail cleanup (blowdowns) and remarking effort in the spring of 2013 which is much needed in the Stannard Township Segment of the NCT – From Victoria to Garder Road. How can I get this started and who is interested in helping, I travel on these segments this past spring and fall and they are a mess – impassible in places!

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