Trail Alert Update: from 3/1/2011 Albion, Michigan

The bridge has been rebuilt with a pedestrian walkway and is now open to traffic.

PREVIOUS POSTING:  From Ron Sootsman – I just ran across a problem. I hiked from Litchfield to Albion today and had my Mom pick me up in Albion. The trouble: the bridge that is on the south side of Albion M-99 is out of service starting today and ending sometime in November (15th or 30th). Luckily the workers had left for the day and they were just positioning the equipment today. So I was able to go across. However when I followed the MDOT highway reroute to Homer it is 40 miles rather than the regular 7 miles (and on I-94 so it cannot be hiked).

For now the easiest reroute (South to North) would be to take D Drive South east at Condit Road to 29 Mile Road and go North to Albion Rd (also named Haven Rd) and go West to Victory Park and pick up the regular trail there. Adds 1.3 miles according to google maps.

After doing some looking on the MDOT site, the new bridge will have a pedestrian walkway which will be a big improvement.

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