Trail Alert: Upper Peninsula, Michigan

UPDATE 6/14:
Due to the aftermath of the Duck Lake Fire in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, The North Country Trail will be closed from Culhane Lake to the Two Hearted River and then West another 3 miles. Hikers should stay away from the section Culhane Lake to the Two Hearted River. Once at the Two Hearted River, hikers can walk the beach until they reach the end of the burn area, approximately 3 miles.  Fire damage has left the area open to a high risk of erosion at the bluff and serious risk of injury to hikers from falling limbs and trees. The Superior Shoreline and Hiawatha Shore to Shore Chapters of the NCTA are working with the Michigan DNR to find safer alternate routes and will post any changes as time goes on.
For more information, please contact:
West of the Two Hearted River: Tim Hass, Superior Shoreline Chapter,
East of the Two Hearted River: Charlene Dewitt, Hiawatha Shore to Shore Chapter,
UPDATE as of 6/11:
Some comments on the fire damage from our Superior Shoreline Chapter (pictures provide via previous post):  “Having walked the burned over trail, I am asking everyone to stay out of the area for a while. The loss of the vegetation renders the area ripe for erosion, especially with the trail being so close to the edge of the bluff. Secondly, the area remains dangerous due to falling limbs and trees. I heard two trees go down and there are dozens of hang up around the trail. The third reason is one that I did not realize until I returned home. Just walking causes a fine particulate of ash to rise into the air. Despite wearing long pants my legs were coated with ash, as was my back. It certainly cannot be good for one’s lungs. I will be posting more about the experience.” ~Tim Hass


UPDATE as of 6/7:
All roads in the fire area will be open to the public 6.11.12 @ 10:00 a.m.  Members of the public are reminded that this is still a fire scene and fire trucks & equipment will still be present and they have the right of way.  Keep you speeds down and it would be a good idea to put on your headlights.


UPDATE as of 6/6:
Please note that all of Tahquamenon State Park and the NCT in the Park has reopened.  The trail  for 6 miles west of Little Lake Harbor and south approximately 10 miles is still closed.


UPDATE as of 5/31:
North of 123 is still closed due to the Duck Lake fire.  Tahquamenon Falls State Park is now open, but no hiking is allowed beyond that point.  It is also recommended that for areas West of the fire, hikers should begin no closer to the area than Grand Marais.


Update as of 5/29:
Update on the fire in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan: Tahquamenon Falls State Park remains closed due to the proximity of the Duck Lake Fire in Luce County. There is currently no estimate on when the Park will re-open. The closure encompasses the trails, lower falls campground and day use areas including the Upper Falls viewing area. The River Mouth Campground, Brimley State Park and Muskallonge Lake State Park remain open.

Please see…,4570,7-153–279195–,00.html for additional information.


Update as of 5/28:
This is an alert to report a major forest fire in the Hiawatha Shore to Shore Chapter of the trail.  From the DNR Press release; 25 May, 2200 Hrs.:

“The Michigan Department of Natural Resources along with partner agencies continues to battle the Duck Lake Fire in the Upper Peninsula’s Luce County. The fire, which began with a lightning strike, covered 17,935 acres as of 4 p.m. Friday, May 25.

The south end of the fire is 14 miles north of Newberry and 7 miles west from Tahquamenon Falls State Park campgrounds. The fire is long and narrow and stretches 11 miles to the north to Lake Superior. The fire area includes 6 miles of Lake Superior shoreline and 29.5 miles of uncontained fire line. Access to the fire is very difficult because there are few roads. The fire has extended northeast beyond Little Lake Harbor and is active all along its entire east flank.

County Road 414 to County Road 410 and County Road 500 from M-123 north to Little Lake Harbor are closed. For the sake of public safety and so as not to impede firefighting efforts, the public is instructed not to enter this area. A number of structures have been damaged or lost.”

Check out: for on going details.

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