Volunteers named Midwest Regional Hartzog Award winners

The National Park Service announced that NCTA Chequamegon Chapter volunteers, Rick Pomerleau and Mary Stenberg have won the Midwest Regional Hartzog Award in the Individual category.

Rick and Mary have come to be known as the “dynamic duo” along the NCNST. While either one is deserving oSDC15069f this individual award, it is the collaborative effort in achieving all aspects of their volunteer contributions which inspires their simultaneous nomination. The NCNST spans 4,600 miles across seven states, and boasts more than 1,000 volunteers. Among them, Rick and Mary stand out as two volunteers working as one to make their home “Chequamegon Chapter” a shining star which in turn champions the entire trail system and the NPS mission.

2013 left the Chapter breathless again with Rick and Mary’s huge contribution to the Chequamegon Chapter and our sections of NCT. Rick and Mary continued in the important role as Western Trail Managers and Rick continued as the Western Quartermaster. Rick and Mary not only took on projects that would make the Western sections of NCT truly shine but also trail problems in the Eastern Sections. Rick helped the NPS in setting up Chainsaw Certification locally. Mary took on the responsibility of Chapter Membership Chairperson in 2013 and recently became the Wisconsin Representative to the NCTA Membership Committee.

Currently, during their “off season,” Rick is making more interpretive signs and Mary is working with the NCTA on a new design of the Chapter’s pocket sized NCT map with the NCTA and working with the USFS to procure full funding for printing of this very popular Chapter promotional tool. Mary and Rick continue to build strong relationships with the USFS, NCTA and NPS and have also garnered a lot of respect in the process.

As winners of the “Individual” category in the Midwest Region, they will now be competing against up to six other regional winners for the National title. Good luck Mary and Rick!


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