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2023 Volunteer Awards: Boots on the Trail

  Steve Coz A look through the Superior Hiking Trail Association’s (SHTA) guided hike archives reveals Steve’s name first appearing in 1997. There are some gaps in those records, but his name is on the list for at least one hike a year until 2010. After that, he led between two and five hikes each […]

Duane Lawton: NCNST Long Distance Hiker

Duane Lawton Michigan (previously received central patch + 1000 Miles and Mackinac Bridge) Right after retiring in 2006, I undertook a multi-day hike in the Porkies and Trap Hills with cousins. I had discovered there was a trail there called the “North Country Trail.” Then having just moved north, I discovered there was a local […]

Cynthia Clemens: NCNST Long Distance Hiker

Cynthia Clemens Central patch + Ohio, Michigan, 1000 Miles, and Mackinac Bridge Like many other “hikers,” I began my journey as a “walker,” enjoying time with friends in our neighborhoods chatting and walking for therapy and exercise. If we go back even further, my dad was an avid walker, walking five miles most every day, […]