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Flying High, Thanks to You

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Your contribution supported community cultivation, in a year when we experienced great distance from friends and family.

The mental health value to our trail users this year? Priceless! Matt Davis, a Regional Trail Coordinator for the North Country Association, shares a silver lining in his region.


And this is only one great example of what our Trail Community has come together to accomplish. A heartfelt thanks could never be enough for the work your gift made happen across the miles! Your end-of-year giving:

  • Supports the development of our Chapters like our newly minted Central Flyway Chapter in North Dakota, as well as the work of the rest of our amazing Chapters.
  • Helped us met and exceeded the $25,000 #GivingTuesday Match Challenge.
  • Kept programs like the Hike 100 Challenge thriving, so we could all continue to find solace on the Trail.

2020 Results and Accomplishments

On the national front, on #GivingTuesday (December 1, 2020), people of all races, faiths and political views rallied to give back to causes, communities and organizations with $2.47 billion in one day. You can boast that you had a hand in this! #GivingTuesday generated 53% of the end-of-year success, allowing us to exceed our $125,000 goal and start the year off on a very positive note.

A Message of Community and Generosity

“When push comes to shove, all we truly have is each other. It just took a national crisis for many of us to see it. Generosity’s most powerful manifestation is solidarity… This year we’ve shown our will in stepping up as generous neighbors and compassionate communities when faced with a crisis. Let’s carry this swell of giving forward with a better understanding of the impact of our generosity and how it can be used to heal, serve and build something better.”
(Responding to This Year of Reckoning with Generosity, worth.com)

We cannot minimize the challenge that 2020 was for many. You came through and continue to remind how important advancing the work on the Trail is. Thanks to you and your end-of-year support, we are soaring into 2021 with great hope!