Chief Noonday’s National Trails Day Hike & Celebration!


June 1, 2024    
8:00 am - 5:00 pm


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UPDATE: As of 5/18/24 all 120 miles for our entire chapter divided into 31 SEGMENTS (2-6 miles each) have been signed up for! We are overwhelmed by this amazing support from our hiking community to make this happen on THANK YOU!

If you are still able to hike ANYWHERE In Chief Noonday – Barry, Kalamazoo or Calhoun counties – we would be grateful if you could send a log of the miles you hiked and general location, so that we can also account for these miles in our TOTAL MILES for the National Trails Day, June 1, 2024!
LOG THESE ADDITIONAL MILES by sending an email to:
* Number of miles hiked (approximate is OK)
* General or exact location
* Number of people expected to attend our Celebration at NEDs June 1 at 5pm!

Hike Lead is Jane Norton. or (269) 808-7334


Thank you for joining us to hike our entire Chief Noonday Chapter of 119 miles in 2-to-6-mile increments on Saturday, June 1 to honor National Trail Day!

These “segments” can be completed by individuals or teams (groups), and multiple segments can be claimed by an individual or team. Hikes can be started at any time on June 1st and should be completed on June 1st before attending the 5:00pm celebration of this amazing collaborative feat (with our feet)!

If the section you want to hike on June 1st is already “claimed” in the signup (link below), you can still hike any NCT trail section to be part of this huge accomplishment and Trail Celebration.

Hikers are encouraged, but not required to seek donations for numbers of miles hiked. Below is a link to a sponsorship sheet.

Celebration at Ned’s at 5 PM at 15450 M-43, Hickory Corners, MI, (north end of Gull Lake). Food, prizes, and maps provided.




**Cash or check donations will also be accepted at the celebration.

Hike Lead is Jane Norton. or (269) 808-7334

Hike ANY portion of our chapter to attend the celebration, but we ask that you RSVP for Ned’s to Jane Norton if the area you decide to hike is no longer available on the signup link.

Chief Noonday Hike the Chapter event flyer