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Why Felicia Supports the NCT

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When Felicia moved to Michigan to be closer to her soon-to-be husband, she desired a way to connect to her new community.

Felicia also struggles with a lot of anxiety and depression, and hiking provides a healthy outlet to care for her mental health.

She began exploring trails in her new town and noticed blue blazes everywhere! She soon realized her favorite trails were actually one 4,700-mile long North Country National Scenic Trail.

The more time Felicia is on the NCT, the more the anxious thoughts clear from her head. She discovered when she’s hiking, the only thing to worry or stress about is what’s stressing her while hiking – like sore feet! She loves the quiet on the Trail and the ability to leave the news and the noise behind. Shutting it all off and connecting with nature on the NCT provides hope, and she looks forward to it all week long.

Felicia finds so much hope and healing on the Trail she wanted to find a way to dedicate her time to this cause that means so much to her. She became a member of her local NCTA Chapter and quickly got involved. She noticed the Chapter struggled to get younger members and thought, “I have a way to help with that!” She also joined the NCTA Next Generation Coalition to help develop strategies to bring in younger volunteers, and she became a board member for her Chapter.

In addition to the hope and healing she finds on the Trail, Felicia finds hope and healing in a community of friends and mentors in the NCTA she wouldn’t have met anywhere else.


The support you provide to the North Country Trail community is absolutely incredible. Whether you give monthly or annually, through membership or trail protection, through advocacy efforts or trail building, your actions are so appreciated by many. We will do our best to keep the Trail’s tread and status in top-notch condition, and to keep the Association’s programs like the Hike 100 Challenge running and improving. Thank you for choosing the North Country Trail and the North Country Trail Association.