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Support the Work 2018

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As you hike into the woods on the North Country Trail, your mind begins to ease. The sure path ahead of you is calming and reassuring: You have got a place to go if you need it. You start to feel a part of something much bigger as each blue blaze guides you to the next. Indeed, you are a part of this 4,600-mile national scenic trail.

On the North Country Trail, you are sure to cross bridges and blazes, signage and shelters. Have you ever thought about how they got there?

The North Country Trail volunteers put in thousands of hours of planning, recruitment, and sweat equity to make the trail what it is today. These are some of the hardest working people we know and they donate their time at no cost to you. In fact, they are out there right now preparing the trail for your upcoming warm-weather adventures.

We love our 1,200 volunteers who understand the importance of providing a safe, well-maintained trail with clear blue blazes to lead you onward. We have individuals who maintain miles of trail to keep it navigable for you. We have communities who plan large events, guided hikes and challenges for your family and friends. We have small (but mighty!) teams who quickly tidy trail sections after severe weather events so you can enjoy the trail safely. They all hope to inspire you to support the trail in a way that works for you, and their hard work is done at no cost to you.

We are grateful you found your way to the trail to experience first-hand our amazing landscape and the great work of our volunteers. We understand you may not have time for physical volunteer activities like these folks. Life is busy! But there is another way for you to support the trail now that will fit your schedule: 

Say “thank you” for your adventure by making a generous donation: For the open trail and the epic view; for each blaze, bridge, sign and shelter; for all that was done so you could experience the North Country Trail.

Support the trail with your gift today so our volunteers can continue providing us all with a place to go.

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