The mid-term election & the future of the Arrowhead Re-route legislation?

Arrowhead Re-route map

Arrowhead Re-route map

The election on Tuesday and the impending January shakeup in Congress has some NCT supporters thinking about the fate of the NCT’s Arrowhead Re-route legislation.

A comment on the Arrowhead Re-route legislation from the Hiker Yahoo Group

Posted by: “Derek Lamparty” Thu Nov 4, 2010 1:55 pm (PDT)

“It would have to go through before the new congress otherwise the bills are dead. Even if Feingold and Oberstar were still in (in the new congress) and the Dems in control, it would be the same situation. If no action is taken, they will need to be reintroduced.”

Unfortunately, Derek is right…if nothing happens on the Arrowhead Re-route legislation in the remainder of this 111th Congress, we’d have to start from scratch in January when the 112th Congress convenes. This means drafting & introducing new bills, seeking co-sponsors, pushing for a sub-committee hearing, committee markup and vote, etc.  As NCTA Advocacy Committee member John Leinen recently said, “We’ve come farther in the 111th Congress than we ever have and, unfortunately, further than we might go in the 112th Congress with Rep. Oberstar’s recent defeat.”

Right now, the NCTA is working with the American Hiking Society (AHS) and Partnership for the National Trails System (PNTS) to ensure that the Arrowhead re-route legislation (*see note below about the specific legislation) is included in an omnibus public lands bill should one arise in the 111th Congress’ lame duck session in November/December.  If this happens, we will be asking NCTA supporters to contact their Congresspeople to ask for their support.  Details will be posted on the NCTA’s website.

*The NCTA supports the Senate version (S. 553) of the North Country National Scenic Trail Route Adjustment Act of 2009 but NO LONGER SUPPORT the House version (H.R. 481) because of amendments that were added during committee markup.

Let the NCTA know if you have any questions or concerns.

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