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Ed Solstad: Volunteer Spotlight

  Ed and many of the other volunteers who work on the⁠ Border Route Trail live in the Twin Cities, a mere 250-mile⁠ one-way trip to their Trail. Also, some portions of the Trail⁠ can be reached only by means of canoe trips, so the several⁠ disasters that continually visit the area force too few […]

Lorana Jinkerson: Volunteer Spotlight

  Lorana Jinkerson is one of the most dedicated volunteers, leaders and donors the NCTA has ever seen.⁠ Consider a too-short list of her contributions: She has served⁠ on the NCTA Board, has chaired two committees that⁠ require a lot of work, and has done so with great attention to⁠ organization and gentle leadership (NCTA […]

Puzzle Pieces in Wisconsin

  “Patching together landowner permissions for the NCT is sometimes like putting together a very complicated puzzle with odd-shaped pieces,” wrote Matthew Davis, NCTA Regional Trail Coordinator for North Dakota, Minnesota and Wisconsin. “Sometimes the piece you need the most is missing.”   For the past decade in northern Wisconsin, the Brule-St. Croix Chapter of […]