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Ed Solstad: Volunteer Spotlight

Categories: Minnesota, News, Volunteer Stories


Ed and many of the other volunteers who work on the⁠ Border Route Trail live in the Twin Cities, a mere 250-mile⁠ one-way trip to their Trail.

Also, some portions of the Trail⁠ can be reached only by means of canoe trips, so the several⁠ disasters that continually visit the area force too few people to clean up after windstorms and fires, to keep clear a trail that is⁠ constantly bursting with new regrowth yet doesn’t get enough⁠ hiking to keep a path visible. Ed has been actively working⁠ on this challenging trail since 1971!⁠

He also promotes the⁠ Trail by hosting displays at several outdoor programs annually,⁠ and was active for years promoting the Arrowhead Reroute⁠ legislation which enables the Border Route to become official⁠ NCNST. He is also active working with the land managers of the⁠ Superior National Forest.⁠ Please join us in celebrating and thanking him!⁠

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