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Meet Lacie Tryan: Next Generation Coalition Member

Categories: Advocacy, Lower Michigan, Next Generation Coalition

Lacie Tryan, Next Generation Coalition member from Michigan.

Any fond memories or exciting trail stories you have experienced?
“This year, my boyfriend and I hiked the North Country Trail section near the Manistee River in Michigan. Our hike started at Red Bridge River Access, hiking north. We anticipated going the nine miles to reach the suspension bridge – Lower Michigan’s largest wooden suspension bridge – to connect with the Manistee River Trail. After eating our rice burritos by the bridge for lunch, we lugged our 20-lb. packs the nine miles back to Red Bridge. We definitely pushed ourselves to hike the most miles in one day, as a personal record. Toward the last couple miles to our car, we had to sing Disney songs to distract ourselves from our aching feet.”

What is your field of study and/or line of work?
“Graduate of Music Business at Ferris State University in Big Rapids, Michigan. [I’m] looking for new opportunities in venue management!”

Where on the North Country Trail would you like to venture the most?
“I would like to do a thru-hike through the U.P. (Upper Peninsula of Michigan), which is the area that I grew up in!”

What motivated you to join the Next Generation Coalition? What does the North Country Trail mean to you?
“I spend almost every summer weekend hiking, backpacking, going to waterfalls. Hiking is more than just the physical exercise, it’s also therapeutic. It allows you to focus on what’s right in front of you; where you’re going to set up camp for the night; allows you to reflect on your life. I always feel refreshed after coming home from a weekend hike – ready to conquer my goals. The North Country Trail offers so many hiking opportunities, and it’s really cool to be able to be a part of the longest trail system! I found this opportunity (to join the coalition) while planning my summer hiking locations. I feel that this experience will be really rewarding because I’ll be able to speak with like-minded individuals about how they can also get involved with the Trail. By taking my love for hiking, I can meet new people and help the Trail grow by recruiting volunteers and raising awareness for the Trail.”

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