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Why Tina Supports the NCT

  Pain was a way of life for Tina. As a competitive gymnast, Tina’s body bore the brunt of her sport. Despite the pain, Tina continued competing and then coaching for decades. “I coached at a club level until about age 40 but had real back, knee, and ankle problems. I quit [coaching] mostly because […]

Charlie and Susie Green: Supporter Spotlight

  “I figure a dollar a mile donation is pretty good value for my time on the Trail. A therapist would cost much more.” Charlie and Susie Green completed their Hike 100 Challenge this May when they took advantage of the *NCTA’s #hikefromhome rule change, which allowed all mileage to count toward Hike 100 because […]

Inclusion is a Core Value of the NCTA

  A Letter from the Executive Director and Board President The North Country National Scenic Trail has the potential to transform lives – a place to disconnect and be free to roam, free to breathe, quiet the mind and heal the heart. It’s played a transformative role in our lives and everyone deserves that same […]