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The North Star is the membership magazine of the North Country Trail Association.

This is the online archive of the North Star magazine. Click on an image to view the PDF version of the issue. All are available for free download. The most recent issue is reserved for members of the North Country Trail Association (NCTA). If you are a member and would like to view it, please select the image below and enter the password provided in your latest North Star email from the NCTA. If you cannot locate the password, email

Winter 2024 (43.1)


Fall 2023 (42.4)

Summer 2023 (42.3)

Spring 2023 (42.2)

Winter 2023 (42.1)


Fall 2022 (41.4)

Summer 2022 (41.3)

Spring 2022 (41.2)

Winter 2022 (41.1)


Fall 2021 (40.4)

Summer 2021 (40.3)

Spring 2021 (40.2)

Winter 2021 (40.1)


Fall 2020 (39.4)

Summer 2020 (39.3)

Spring 2020 (39.2)

Winter 2020 (39.1)


Fall 2019 (38.4)

Summer 2019 (38.3)

Spring 2019 (38.2)

Winter 2019 (38.1)

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A year-long North Star subscription is included with any NCTA membership. All subscriptions are automatically electronic, though additionally receiving a hard copy via mail is an option. (You can indicate your preference while joining the NCTA or renewing your membership.)

Please contact with questions about your subscription or if you would like to submit content to be considered for publication. You may also reference these North Star Content Guidelines.

The North Star is published by the North Country Trail Association quarterly for promotional and educational purposes, and as a benefit of membership with the Association. All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced in any form without written permission of the North Country Trail Association.

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