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Joint LLC & ITM End of Season Celebration held in Nevis, MN!

This past Saturday, about 40 NCTA members and friends convened at the White Tail Tavern in Nevis, MN to celebrate THE END* of the successful 2009 trail season.  Following dinner, a “business” meeting featured the presentation of awards handed out at the 2009 NCTA Annual Conference in Valley City.  There were four national award winners […]

NCTA volunteer maintaining a cool blog of his photos & experiences

Tom Salwasser, a NCTA member/volunteer from Circle Pines, Minnesota, has created a blog entitled It’s Later Than You Think which combines his passion for hiking with his other passion for photography.  If you’re interested in seeing some amazingly scenic photos from the NCT within the Chippewa National Forest, visit Tom’s blog.  Tom’s blog entries also […]