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Partnership Spotlight: SEEDS

  “We believe that maintaining access to public lands through trail maintenance and development is critical to supporting individual and community health,” wrote Jennifer Flynn, EcoCorps Program Director with SEEDS Ecology & Education Centers. SEEDS work on the North Country Trail in Michigan has been paired with other public lands projects. For example, according to […]

Lorana Jinkerson: Volunteer Spotlight

  Lorana Jinkerson is one of the most dedicated volunteers, leaders and donors the NCTA has ever seen.⁠ Consider a too-short list of her contributions: She has served⁠ on the NCTA Board, has chaired two committees that⁠ require a lot of work, and has done so with great attention to⁠ organization and gentle leadership (NCTA […]

57 Continuous Miles

  This new 3.17-mile section of Trail traverses through various types of vegetation, runs along a river, takes in views of two lakes and runs through two wetlands. This section also allows for nearly 57 continuous miles of off-road Trail…   by Kenny Wawsczyk Late last year work began on the infamous Echo Drive reroute. […]